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PEAKfresh floral sheets and bags prolong the life of fresh cut flowers and potted plants. Made with a mineral-impregnated polyethylene film that breathes, PEAKfresh floral sheets have excellent permeability and good deodorizing properties. Most importantly though, they remove damaging ethylene gas which is what causes flowers and plants to wilt from loss of moisture.


If a potted plant such as a poinsettia suffers damaged leaves or petals during packaging or shipping, the damaged leaves or petals will create excessive amounts of ethylene resulting in either the death of the plant or visual damage to leaves and petals. In the case of cut flowers that suffer damage, there is a high possibility that the formed bud will not open to full maturity.  


Using ordinary polyethylene sleeves or sheets will maintain a high level of moisture because they prevent the transpired water vapor from escaping the packaged environment. Unfortunately though, they will also produce levels of carbon dioxide and more importantly, ethylene - both of which are damaging in high quantities to potted plants and fresh flowers. 

Using PEAKfresh floral sheets will remove ethylene gas thus slowing down the ripening process while extending your product's shelf life. The increased permeability of PEAKfresh film allows for the discharge of other damaging gases while at the same time, maintaining a high level of humidity that is commensurate with the respiration rate of the packaged potted plant or fresh flowers. The addition of an anti-fogging treatment also reduces formation of water droplets and thus lessens the potential for mold and bacteria growth.

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