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PEAKfresh modified atmosphere packaging is available in pallet covers, box liners, sheets and bags. We carry a variety of stock sizes - both vented and non-vented, that are available to ship immediately. Custom sizes can be made to order and can include one color print with your logo or tagline.  

Pallet Covers

Pallet cover2 copy.jpg

Pallet covers are unsealed allowing  for easy application, inspection and removal. With no special equipment or power needed, one person can do the job! 

Box Liners

Red Peppers Box Liner_edited.jpg

Ideal for long distance shipping, our box liners protect product during transit & storage while removing ethylene gas, maintaining high humidity levels and minimizing condensation build up.

Flower Bags

floral packaging.jpg

Flowers are sensitive to ethylene and moisture loss just like produce. Peakfresh floral packaging effective addresses these two factors allowing for a much longer life after being cut or picked.

Home Use Bags

Retail pack 2.jpg

Made of the same material as our pallet covers and box liners, these bags can more than double the storage life of your produce at home. Currently being used by NASA at the International Space Station, these bags remove ethylene gas and affectively keep fruit and vegetables fresher, longer, saving you moeny and trips to the store!

All PEAKfresh products are OMRI Listed for Organic Use, guaranteed to meet all Federal, State and local food and drug administration and food safety programs, BPA-free, able to be recycled and proudly made in the USA.

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