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Using Peakfresh box liners is a simple, cost effective solution to ensure your produce stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible. 


Simply place the liner inside the box, pack it with your pre-cooled produce and fold over the top of the liner. No special equipment or manpower is needed. However, it is important that the cool chain is maintained throughout storage and transportation. 


Peakfresh box liners come both vented and non-vented and can be custom made in any size needed. We also offer a wide variety of stock sizes available to ship immediately.  

The Benefits of Iceless Packing

  • More produce packed per load

  • Savings up to 45% on packaging by eliminating ice and wax cartons

  • Eliminates mess and safety hazards caused by melting ice

  • Eliminates damage to produce caused by chilling

  • Extends shelf life

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