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Long distance shipping exposes fresh fruit and vegetables to ethylene gas - a powerful plant hormone that triggers the ripening process. Peakfresh unsealed pallet covers are made of breathable polyethylene impregnated with minerals which combat ripening by extracting ethylene thus extending the life and freshness of your product. They also have excellent permeability and good deordorizing properties so your produce arrives in good condition. 

PEAKfresh pallet covers are easy to use and can applied by a single person. No extra tooling is required, there are no labor-intense closures and they're power/energy-free. An added advantage is the ability to easily remove and re-apply them for inspection, partial unloading, etc. 

PEAKfresh pallet covers are excellent for:

  • strawberries       

  • raspberries        

  • blueberries

  • stone fruit

  • papaya

  • tomatoes



  • asparagus

  • broccoli

  • lettuce

  • herbs

  • cucumbers

  • mixed loads

*Note: for PEAKfresh to be most effective, it is important to pre-cool all produce and maintain the cool chain throughout the storage or transportation period.

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