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PEAKfresh is a treated natural mineral that is impregnated into low density polyethylene resin
to produce a packaging film. The impregnated mineral is hydroscopic and has permeability characteristics. When used with refrigeration at the correct temperatures levels, PEAKfresh
will extend the life of your product.


  • Excellent permeability to gases

  • Good food deodorizing properties

  • Removes ethylene gas

  • Anti-fog treatment to reduce water formation

  • Maintenance of high humidity levels to limit produce weight loss

  • Gauge variation to increase permeability

  • Cost effective compared to normal plastic

  • Good active surface area to volume ratio


Permeability: 4.5 times greater permeability than standard LDPE at 71.6°C


Application: Carton liners, pallet covers and bulk bin liners, flat and gusseted bags, sheets and roll stock


Anti-fog: Yes


Gauge: Available in mil and microns


Oxygen Transmission Rate: Nominal 23000-24000 cc/M2 /24 hours at 71.6°F (*1)


Carbon Dioxide Transmission Rate: Nominal 23000-24000 cc/M2 /24 hours at 71.6°F (*1)


Water Vapor Transmission Rate: Nominal  25-27 grams per square meter


Ethylene Removal Rate: Nominal 3900 cc/M2 /24 hours at 71.6°F (*2)


PEAKfresh is approved for Organic packaging by OMRI (code:pfp-2278). This listing indicates that PEAKfresh produce bags comply with OMRI policy and Standards Manual, which is based on the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR part 205)

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