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PEAKfresh produce bags are made of a low-density polyethylene film impregnated with a natural occurring mineral that allows the bags to breathe so that ethylene and other damaging gases are removed. When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, Peakfresh will extend the life and freshness of your produce. 

Our home use bags are made of the same material as our pallet covers and box liners which are used by growers and shippers worldwide for farm to transport to storage. 

All PEAKfresh products are OMRI listed for Organic Use (code: pfp-2278). This listing indicates that Peakfresh produce bags comply with the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual which is based n the requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule (7 CFR Part 205). 

PEAKfresh produce bags are guaranteed to meet all Federal, State and local food and drug administration. Additionally, they are BPA-free, recyclable and proudly made in the USA. 

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How to use PEAKfresh produce bags at home

  • Pre-cool fruit & veggies that will be stored in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before putting them in Peakfresh

  • Use a separate bag for each type of produce and ensure produce is dry 

  • Expel air from the bag and close it using the enclosed twist ties

  • Depending on produce, store in refrigerator or at room temp

  • Rinse bag thoroughly with cool water and air day before re-use

  • Keep bags in their original packaging until ready to use

  • Caution: keep bags away from fire and children

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*Available to ship only in North America


Differentiate your market and increase shopper satisfaction by offering PEAKfresh Home Use Produce Bags. 

  • One retail pack contains ten (10) reusable bags

  • Minimum wholesale order is one Mastercase which contains 24 retail packs 

  • First time orders of 2 mastercases comes with free shipper (floor or counter display)

Call 877-537-3748 for pricing

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Retail Floor Display
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Retail Counter Display
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