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​PEAKfresh is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) made specifically for fruit and vegetables as well

as cut flowers and plants. With a natural mineral embedded in our products, we are able to modify the
composition of the air surrounding the packaged item in order to extend the initial fresh state of the
product. PEAKfresh has long been used by growers, shippers and retail chains to preserve the
freshness of produce during transit and storage. Most recently, NASA began using PEAKfresh to

extend the life of produce sent to and consumed by the astronauts at the International Space Station. 


   The three most common varieties of pears are Williams,
   Packham and Nashi. Harvest time and maturity is determined
   by the firmness of the fruit. All pears should be treated carefully
   at the time of harvest to avoid skin damage. Pears harvested at
   optimum maturity tend to be less susceptible to physiological
   disorders and to be able to ripen after storage. Pears lose
   moisture rapidly following harvest and during storage. Storing
   pears inPEAKfresh reduces the rate of dehydration and weight
   loss. Pears need to be cooled immediately following harvest to
   around -1ºC (30ºF). Delays in cooling shorten the storage life.
   For long term storage of pears, one recommendation is that the
   core temperature of the stored pears should be at around 0ºC
   (32ºF) within four days of harvest. PEAKfresh carton liners will
   extend the life of many pear varieties by between four and eight
   weeks by providing a modified storage atmosphere that is
   higher in carbon dioxide and lower in oxygen.

   Recommended Post Harvest Temperatures
   0ºC (32ºF) and Relative humidity 90 to 95%.

   Packaging Method:
   Pears are producers of ethylene gas and suffer from moisture loss very quickly. Pears should be carefully handled
   following harvest and wherever possible hydro cooled with water to remove field heat. After pears have been dipped,
   they should be thoroughly dry before packaging. Pears destined for controlled atmosphere storage can be stored dry
   in bulk bins lined with a PEAKfresh bin liner. Pears that are destined to be packed for short term cool room storage prior
   to market should be packed in a 25 micron PEAKfresh carton liner that is folded closed prior to sealing of the box. This
   method of packaging provides for a buildup of naturally produced carbon dioxide that is conducive to maintaining good
   storage conditions.
   Storage Temperatures:
   0ºC (32ºF) temperature and 90% to 95% humidity.
   Important Please Read:
   All recommendations for the use of PEAKfresh products are given in good faith and based on proven field experience.   
   Packaging method storage temperatures and humidity levels, transit and destination conditions are factors likely to affect
   the performance of PEAKfresh products and no liability for indirect or consequential damage can be accepted. We
   recommend that PEAKfresh products be trialed under local conditions before introduction to large scale commercial