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​PEAKfresh is modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) made specifically for fruit and vegetables as well

as cut flowers and plants. With a natural mineral embedded in our products, we are able to modify the
composition of the air surrounding the packaged item in order to extend the initial fresh state of the
product. PEAKfresh has long been used by growers, shippers and retail chains to preserve the
freshness of produce during transit and storage. Most recently, NASA began using PEAKfresh to

extend the life of produce sent to and consumed by the astronauts at the International Space Station. 
About PEAKfresh Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)
When learning about PEAKfresh and its benefits, ​it is helpful to first understand the life cycle of produce.​​

  All living tissues respire (breathe)
  Respiration oxidizes various components
​  to provide energy to live

  ​ Fruit, veggies, plants & flowers
  are living tissues collecting
  nutrients from the tree or plant
  on which they grow

  The product of plant growth; 
​  the edible reproductive body of a seed
  Once harvested, fruit, veggies,
  plants & flowers continue to
  respire causing them to continue

  Ripening stimulates the release of a
​  natural occurring gas called ethylene

PEAKfresh products are made of a low-density polyethylene film impregnated with a
natural occurring mineral found in Australia. This mineral extracts ethylene gas which is
​the agent that causes produce to ripen and ultimately spoil.  By reducing ethylene gas,
PEAKfresh extends the freshness of the product up to 2 - 3 times normal shelf life.

An anti-fog treatment is also included in PEAKfresh products to further enhance results
by creating high humidity levels similar to when the fruit, veggie or flower was on the vine.   

​​ PEAKfresh products come in stock sizes ready to ship or can be custom made to fit your needs.  
We can manufacture any size needed (with minimum quantity requirments), make them vented
or non-vented to best serve the product you are packing, and make them clear or colored  
and apply company logo or other branding to meet your marketing needs.