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Box Liners
Long-distance shipping exposes fresh fruit and vegetables to ethylene gas, a powerful plant hormone that triggers the ripening process. PEAKfresh is a mineral impregnated polyethylene film that extracts ethylene gas. It has excellent permeability and good deodorizing properties. Its anti-fog treatment helps maintain a high humidity environment, while minimizing condensation which can accelerate mold and bacteria growth and degrade carton integrity.
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Pallet Covers
We pride ourselves in offering the best non-C02, unsealed pallet covers in the industry! PEAKfresh pallet covers are easy to use and can be applied by one person.  No extra tooling is required, there are no labor-intense closures and they are power/energy-free.   A great advantage is that when the skid arrives at the warehouse or distribution center, it can be inspected or partially unloaded, the re-covered to protect the rest of the load until it is needed.
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Floral Packaging and Sheets
Like produce, plants and freshly harvested flowers suffer damage from ethylene and moisture loss. PEAKfresh floral packaging will combat these issues by extracting ethylene and maintaining a high humidity environment to extend the life of the product.
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Re-Usable Home Use Produce Bags
PEAKfresh home use produce bags are the ultimate solution to the household that is looking to minimize their produce waste. Currently being used by NASA at the International Space Station, these bags can extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables by 2 - 4 times when used properly!  *Ships only in the U.S., Mexico and Canada.
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RPC Lids
Great time and development went into the creation of our RPC lids. Easy to apply, they are made of a film that can stretch, yet won't tear and have memory in the elasticity to return to their original shape after placement on a container.  Priced competitively, their quality is outstanding yielding little to no field waste. 
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