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Peppers (Sweet and Bell Peppers)
There are a number of different colored Peppers ranging from red, chocolate, green and yellow. Harvest time is normally related to the variety grown, but is normally when the fruit is mature green. Peppers are subject to severe chill damage when stored below 7ºC (44ºF). It is possible to store Peppers for more than three weeks with attention to quality and post harvest handling and in particular temperature control. It is very important to rapidly pre-cool Peppers following harvest to a temperature range of 7 – 10ºC (44º – 50ºF), but not below 7ºC (44ºF).
Recommended Post Harvest Temperatures
7ºC (44ºF) and 95%. humidity.
Packaging Method
Small quantities of Peppers can be stored successfully in individual PEAKfresh bags that are sealed. Quantities of Peppers up to 5kg can be stored in PEAKfresh carton liners that are not sealed at the top just folded over. Do not store Peppers with apples or other high ethylene producing fruits or vegetables.
Storage Temperatures
7ºC (44ºF) and 95% humidity.
Important Please Read
All recommendations for the use of PEAKfresh products are given in good faith and based on proven field experience. Packaging method storage temperatures and humidity levels, transit and destination conditions are factors likely to affect the performance of PEAKfresh products and no liability for indirect or consequential damage can be accepted. We recommend that PEAKfresh products be trialed under local conditions before introduction to large scale commercial applications.
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