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There are a number of different varieties of mangoes grown and all are subject to severe chill damage if stored at temperatures below 13ºC. Chill injury is visible as a grayish scald like discoloration of the skin. Mangoes are normally harvested as mature fruit with a slight change in skin color. The best ripening temperatures for mangoes are between 21º and 24ºC (72º and 78ºF). Fruit ripened at a lower temperature will not develop its full flavor. Mangoes can be stored at 13ºC (54ºF) for around three to four weeks before ripening. Commercially supplied ethylene gas is often used as an inducement to accelerate ripening.
Recommended Post Harvest Temperatures
13ºC (54ºF) and 90- 95% humidity.
Packaging Method
It is recommended that a PEAKfresh carton liner be placed on the bottom of the carton with a plastic tray inserted into the bag and folded over at the top. With PEAKfresh carton liners it is recommended to fold the liner over instead of sealing the bag. Where good temperature control is not available we recommend that PEAKfresh be used in sheet form to line the bottom of a shipping box prior to the placement of shredded paper or PEAKfresh bubble film as a protection against bruising and a separate sheet of PEAKfresh be placed across the top of the fruit prior- to the closing of the shipping carton. Using PEAKfresh in this method provides a small degree of protection against ethylene but does also provide a level of humidity suitable for safe storage.
Storage Temperatures
l3ºC (54ºF) NOT below 13ºC 90- 95% humidity.
Important Please Read
All recommendations for the use of PEAKfresh products are given in good faith and based on proven field experience. Packaging method storage temperatures and humidity levels, transit and destination conditions are factors likely to affect the performance of PEAKfresh products and no liability for indirect or consequential damage can be accepted. We recommend that PEAKfresh products be trialed under local conditions before introduction to large scale commercial applications.