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Green Onions (Green Shallots):
It is difficult to store commercial quantities of Green Onions (Green Shallots) for more than a few days unless they are kept under refrigeration. The onions lose moisture content rapidly at temperatures above 5ºC; the leaves turn yellow and start to decay quickly. It is possible to store Green Onions (Green Shallots) for three to four weeks at 0ºC (32ºF) if moisture loss can be prevented. Packaging into polyethylene film liners aids in preventing moisture loss.
 Recommended Post Harvest Temperatures
0ºC (32ºF) and 95 % to 100% relative humidity.
Packaging Method
Pack the pre-cooled Green Onions (Green Shallots) into PEAKfresh carton liners that are folded closed at the top. It is important to pre-cool the onions prior to packing and to remove any surplus moisture as a result of washing. It is possible to store Green Onions (Green Shallots) beyond three to four weeks and we recommend that the product be carefully examined before extending the storage time beyond four weeks.
Warning the freezing point of Green Onions is approximately -1ºC. Pay particular attention to temperature control to avoid damage.
Storage Temperatures
0ºC (32ºF) 95%- 100% humidity.
Important Please Read
All recommendations for the use of PEAKfresh products are given in good faith and based on proven field experience. Packaging method storage temperatures and humidity levels, transit and destination conditions are factors likely to affect the performance of PEAKfresh products and no liability for indirect or consequential damage can be accepted. We recommend that PEAKfresh products be trialed under local conditions before introduction to large scale commercial applications.