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Q. How do I know what size box liner I need?
A.  Simply contact us with your carton (box) length, width
     and height and we will advise the best liner and
     packaging instructions.

Q. Can I customize your product with my logo?
A.  Yes, PEAKfresh products can be printed with your logo
      and company information to suit your branding needs.
      *Minimum run quantity required

Q. Where can I buy PEAKfresh? 
A.  PEAKfresh home use bags may be purchased on this 
      website.  For all other PEAKfresh products, contact us
      at 877-537-3748 or 949-598-9545 and we will be more
      than happy to help.

Q. Do your liners require a closure system such as twist
     ties, heat sealing or clips?
A. PEAKfresh liners only need to be folded over - no
     closures are required.

Q. What is the largest bag you supply?
A. PEAKfresh bags can be manufactured up to 133″
     (inches) wide.  Larger sizes may be available upon

Q. Where is PEAKfresh manufactured?
A.  All PEAKfresh USA products are proudly manufactured
      in the United States.