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PEAKfresh® is a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) film specifically developed for the packaging of fresh fruit, vegetables, plants and cut flowers. When used with refrigeration at correct temperature levels, PEAKfresh® will extend the life of your product and maintain its freshness.

PEAKfresh® is a low-density polyethylene film impregnated with a natural occurring mineral that significantly increases gas permeability that allows small amounts of ethylene to be removed. The increased permeability allows for the discharge of other gases such as carbon dioxide and ammonia. The mineral also has good deodorizing properties.

PEAKfresh® has an anti-fog additive in the film that reduces the formation of water drops. This feature reduces the potential development of damaging bacteria.

PEAKfresh® products are certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia (BFA 5001) for the packaging of organic produce. Accredited to the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM).

How does PEAKfresh® work?

PEAKfresh® All members of the plant kingdom produce ethylene, usually as a gas, that triggers the ripening process. For example, it is ethylene that changes a green tomato from pink to red and a rose bud or carnation to open to a beautiful flower.

The more ethylene present as a gas, the quicker the ripening process and the sooner the produce will mature and die.

PEAKfresh® has impregnated into the film a natural occurring mineral that allows small amounts of ethylene produced by ripening produce to be taken up and removed through the film wall to the outside atmosphere. This mineral impregnating is unique to PEAKfresh®. By removing accumulated ethylene from the packaged produce, the rate of ripening is reduced considerably.

Freshly harvested produce is still alive and continues its respiration (breathe in) and transpiration (breathe out). Different varieties of produce have different respiration rates. Some breathe fast -- like broccoli, others slow -- like potatoes. Transpiration also includes the release of minute particles of moisture which can cause dehydration.

Take, for example, humans. When they exert themselves in exercise or it is a hot day, they breathe in and out more quickly, which, if continued, ultimately leads to exhaustion and dehydration (water loss) and then death. Exactly the same process happens with produce, which is why refrigeration is so important. When produce gets hot, the respiration and transpiration rates rise dramatically with significant dehydration, which ultimately leads the produce to an early death. Hot produce causes stress, which encourages increased production of ethylene and water loss through elevated transpiration.

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