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    Pallet Covers
    "The most effective non-C02 
​      unsealed pallet covers in the industry"
PEAKfresh unsealed pallet covers are made of breathable polyethylene that has proven to extend the life and freshness of fruits and vegetables. Long-distance shipping exposes fresh fruit and vegetables to ethylene gas, a powerful plant hormone that triggers the ripening process. PEAKfresh is a polyethylene bag impregnated with minerals which extracts ethylene gas. It has excellent permeability and good deodorizing properties.
PEAKfresh pallet covers are easy to use and can be applied by a single person. No extra tooling is required, there are no labor-intense closures and they're power/energy-free.  An added advantage is that when the skid arrives at the warehouse or distribution center, it can be inspected or partially unloaded, then re-covered, protecting the rest of the load until it is needed.
Note: For PEAKfresh to work effectively, it is important to pre cool all produce and maintain the cool chain throughout the storage or transportation period.
Pallet Covers are excellent for:
-  Strawberries and all other berries
-  Cherries
-  Stone Fruit
-  Papaya
-  Tomatoes
-  Asparagus
-  Broccoli
-  Lettuce
-  Herbs
-  Cucumbers
-  Mixed loads
And many more fruits and vegetables. Please contact us for more information
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